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Services by Stephen Quinn: Harnessing LinkedIn's Power

Initial Consultation

Discovering the Unique You

Before diving into the vast world of LinkedIn, it’s pivotal to understand who you are, what you represent, and where you aim to be. This session is dedicated to:

Unveiling your goals and aspirations.

Grasping your ethos and business style.

Defining commercial objectives for LinkedIn and broader business horizons.

Tailored Profile Creation

Crafting a Digital Identity / Full Professional Work Up of your LinkedIn Profile

A well-constructed LinkedIn profile is your digital business card. 

With this service, you’ll get:

A profile that aligns with top industry standards and best practices.

Optimization of all sections, from your headline to endorsements.

Personal branding that stands out in a vast sea of professionals.

Content Calendar Design

Strategic Storytelling

Content is more than just posts; it’s about sharing stories that resonate. With a customized content calendar, you can:

Plan your LinkedIn content strategy effectively.

Generate Connections that may lead to business.

Ensure consistent and impactful posts.

Align with trends while retaining your unique voice.

Practical LinkedIn Training

Empowerment through Knowledge

LinkedIn, when used effectively, can be a game-changer. This hands-on training will equip you with:

Efficient techniques to navigate and utilize LinkedIn.

Strategies emphasizing good time management.

Insights to achieve a high level Return on Time (RoT).


Custom Packages

Every individual and business has unique needs. If you’re looking for a combination of services or have specific requirements, let’s discuss a custom package tailored just for you.

Let’s embark on this journey together. From profile optimization to mastering LinkedIn functionalities, I’m here to guide, support, and ensure your success on this platform.

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