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Stephen Quinn Founder & CEO

I’m Stephen Quinn, a seasoned LinkedIn consultant and entrepreneur with over 26 years of valuable business expertise. With a remarkable 18 years dedicated to mastering LinkedIn and its intricacies, I am your go-to professional for leveraging this powerful platform effectively.

My journey as an entrepreneur has led me to found and successfully sell businesses in various corners of the world, including Dubai, Ireland, UK, and Italy. This international experience has not only sharpened my industry-level expertise but has also allowed me to develop a keen understanding of diverse markets and cultural dynamics.

Being easy to deal with and a great communicator, I pride myself on translating the complex landscape of LinkedIn into practical strategies that yield results in the form of new business and new business leads. My focus is not just on teaching you how to navigate LinkedIn, but also on helping you uncover its potential as a powerful networking and growth tool.

As a natural connector, I thrive on building bridges between clients and contacts. Proactively introducing you to my extensive global network, spanning industries and international geographies, is a commitment I take seriously. Whether you’re a startup or a large corporation, my network encompasses a wide range of industries and sizes, ensuring that the right opportunities find you.

Why Work With Me?

Depth of Experience

With coming up to two decades on LinkedIn, I've seen its evolution and learned how to adapt and thrive with each change

A Connector at Heart

My network isn't just vast; it's varied. It stretches across sectors, sizes, and geographies. And I believe in proactively making connections that matter.

Practicality Over Jargon

While the digital world loves its buzzwords, I prioritize tangible, practical advice. With me, you learn to use LinkedIn efficiently, ensuring a high Return on Time.

Communication is Key

Being a great communicator means I ensure clarity, understanding, and effectiveness in every interaction.

Personal Ethos

I believe in open communication, easy collaborations, and being genuine. It’s not just about leveraging a platform; it’s about making authentic connections and forging relationships that stand the test of time.

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    Stephen has to be one of the most savvy linkedIn and digital B2B Lead Generation Experts I’ve come across.
    Stephen worked with me on my linkedIn Profile and Strategy , and he was so straight forward and professional to work with .

    i can highly recommend him.

    Thanks Stephen, and best Wishes to you and your business in the future! Julian.

    CEO Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce | Former Tech VC
    julian carter

    Let's Connect : I Embarking on a LinkedIn journey or refining your path, I'm here to guide, advise, and collaborate. Reach out, and let's explore the possibilities together